How to replace and repair the lighting in the industrial workshop?

Update:03 Feb 2021

How to replace and repair the lighting in the industria […]

How to replace and repair the lighting in the industrial workshop?

In the current industrial lighting field, the lighting fixtures in the workshop are roughly metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and fluorescent lamps (also known as energy-saving lamps). Then, after so many kinds of lamps are broken, how to repair and replace them will cost The lowest? Here is mainly to talk about the traditional lamp used in large-scale factories to deal with the broken method, because it is no longer mainstream, and gradually replaced by LED. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps still have many advantages: green and environmentally friendly, they do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon. It protects eyesight, is more versatile, saves electricity and is durable, promotes production efficiency, and improves the maximum benefit of the enterprise; and the LED lamp technology is becoming more and more mature, and product parameters can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, and the price is becoming more and more affordable. More industrial plants Choose LED lighting.

Ordinary traditional lamps are broken during use, you can directly replace the light source inside, and replace the lamp with the same power with the same power rectifier. However, under the national environmental protection and energy saving policy, it is not recommended to use these lamps, and the brightness is not enough, waste of electricity, and short life. , Is not environmentally friendly; it is more recommended that the current mainstream LED lamps be directly replaced with more energy-saving and durable LED bulbs. The general interface of the following high-power LED lamps is E27 or E40, which can be directly replaced by the following picture produced by Mingyang Lighting Power LED bulb light

It should be noted that all LED bulbs have a built-in power supply. To replace other traditional lamps, you need to remove the rectifier and connect directly to AC220V.

Larger high-bay workshops are better suited for LED high bay lights with larger wattage. Mingyang Lighting is a professional manufacturer focusing on industrial lighting, with a wide range of varieties, high brightness, good service, 3-year product warranty, lifetime maintenance, and trustworthy .