Precautions for the selection of tunnel lights

Update:10 Mar 2021

  The choice of tunnel light is a very important i […]


The choice of tunnel light is a very important issue. What is more troublesome is how to choose a high-quality brand. If you choose it properly, you can reduce a large part of the expenditure in the later operation and maintenance. Today, I will introduce you to the considerations of tunnel light selection.

1. Efficient lighting efficiency

Compared with the lighting efficiency of traditional lamps, LED lamps can more effectively convert electrical energy into light energy

2. Low power consumption

LED lights improve the conversion of electric energy and greatly reduce energy, reducing energy waste

3. Long lamp life

The general life of tunnel lamps is 50,000 to 100,000 hours, and frequent opening will not affect its service life.

4. Green and environmental protection of lamps and lanterns

The lamp tube in the traditional lamp also contains toxic substances in the mercury lamp, which is fragile and easily damaged

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