How to choose the brightness index of LED fluorescent lamp:

Update:02 Dec 2020

The effect of ordinary incandescent lamp is 15lm/W and […]

The effect of ordinary incandescent lamp is 15lm/W and ordinary fluorescent lamp is 72lm/W, but this 72lm/W is theoretically measured in the integrating sphere, which is much larger than the value measured in actual use, because ordinary fluorescent lamp emits 360 degrees. In actual use, only the downward 180 is effective. In addition, the reflection efficiency of ordinary fluorescent lamps is not high. Most of the light emitted by the upward 180 is wasted. In addition, ordinary fluorescent lamps need to be connected to a large inductive ballast to work. The large inductance will consume about 4-10W of power (the inductive ballasts used in ordinary fluorescent lamps on the market are usually divided into three grades: the better resistance test is about 40 ohms-45 ohms with a multimeter. At about 4-5W, the life is almost unlimited, and the actual use will hardly be damaged by heat; more of the resistance value is about 70 ohms, the power consumption of this inductive ballast is about 7 ohms, and the life is average , The non-24-hour working system has a longer life, but in a 24-hour working environment, it will be damaged within a few years; the poorer is about 80 ohms, and the power consumption is about 10W. If it is a 24-hour working system, it will usually be several months Internal damage) The actual test of the luminous efficiency of the finished ordinary fluorescent lamp is about 35lm/W.

Compared with ordinary incandescent lamp with 15lm/W and ordinary fluorescent lamp with 72lm/W, the brightness (luminous efficiency) of current LED fluorescent lamp with better quality has reached 130lm/W, and the mainstream mid-to-high-end has reached 110lm/W or more. About 90lm/W, the worse is about 60lm/W, much larger than ordinary incandescent lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps.

When you buy an LED fluorescent lamp, ask how many lumens (lm) per watt of the average lighting effect is, from 130-110-90-60 four grades, you choose by yourself, but in most of the domestic lighting market, you spend It's not cheap money, but you can only buy the latter two grades. Even the so-called first-line brands, the current situation of the lighting industry is that first-class brands make second-rate products, and ordinary manufacturers make junk products. Most of the first-class LED fluorescent lamps with 130lm/W are exported. It is difficult to buy samples in China. Only a small number of energy-saving companies use such high-brightness LED fluorescent lamps. Of course, LED fluorescent lamps with such brightness are made. The cost is very high, and the finished product is two to three times the price of ordinary LED fluorescent lamps.