Manufacturing method of led light box

Update:20 Dec 2019

 First, the led module defines folding   The name of th […]

 First, the led module defines folding
The name of the injection molding module is the components composed of the wires of the chip type LED lamp beads that are pasted on the PCB and then pressed out by the injection molding machine. There are mainly 5050, 3528, 5630 and other models.
 Product Features
Common injection modules have the following characteristics:

1.It can show seven colors of red, blue, purple, green, yellow, cyan and white, seven-color jump, seven-color gradient, colorful jump, colorful gradient and other effects;

2.TOP5050led is used as the light source, no light spot, low light attenuation and good consistency;

3.The product has low power consumption, high brightness, long service life and maintenance-free;

4.The shell adopts injection molding technology, which has a beautiful and unique appearance and good heat dissipation effect;

5.Waterproof level can reach above IP65;

6, low voltage input, safe and reliable use;

7. The 20 units of the module are a string. The LED adopts a serial-parallel mixed circuit, and a single module can be cut off.
Application fold
LED injection module is one of the LED modules. Compared with other types of modules, the light emitting angle is large, the brightness is high, and the light attenuation is low, so it has more extensive uses.

1. Advertising signs, lighting signs, (ultra-thin) light boxes, three-dimensional luminous characters, plastic characters, other advertising lighting, etc.

2. Hotel, KTV, shopping mall, entertainment city indoor (concealed slot), exterior wall lighting, landscape layout, stage decoration, city lighting, etc.

3. Family shoe cabinets, wardrobes, small ceilings, exhibition halls, art halls, museums, offices, reading rooms and other local decorative lighting;