The status quo and future development trend of LED fluorescent lamps

Update:28 Oct 2020

The development of LED fluorescent lamps has been aroun […]

The development of LED fluorescent lamps has been around for a long time. From the perspective of energy-saving effects, its future applications are quite broad. In addition to energy-saving, its safe and long-life use is something we should pay more attention to! At present, LED lamps are rapidly penetrating the lighting market, with LED bulbs, LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps, etc. as the main products, quickly flooding the market and opening the situation. LED fluorescent tubes are not far behind and strive to enter the huge lighting market. In the market, LED fluorescent tubes have also become a sharp weapon for LED lamp manufacturers to open the market.

The existing problems of LED fluorescent lamps

Price wars cause product quality problems

At this stage, LED fluorescent tubes are mostly used for commercial lighting and engineering lighting, and their penetration in the civilian market is still low. The competition among LED lamp manufacturers is becoming more and more intense, causing chaos in the LED fluorescent lamp market. What is the cause? What about Semiconductor Lighting Network? The industry believes that there is no certain standard for LED fluorescent tubes, and the product parameters are all set by LED manufacturers themselves, and the prices are rather chaotic. The prices of LED daylight tubes of the same specification and different LED lamp manufacturers may differ by dozens Yuan, leaving consumers at a loss. 

 So how much is the price of LED fluorescent tubes? As a standard light source, LED fluorescent tubes have a relatively low gross profit margin. The gross profit of LED lamp manufacturers is about 10-15 points, and the profit of the first-level agent is 15-20 points. It takes 30 points. If you go down the layers, the price will almost double in the hands of consumers. Therefore, the price of LED fluorescent tubes will vary greatly. Moreover, LED fluorescent lamps of different quality have different prices. For example, LED fluorescent tubes generally use 3528, 2835, 3014, 5730 and other lamp beads. Different lamp beads are used, and the price is different. Small-scale LED factories The competition of major manufacturers has to lower prices and win customers, but while lowering prices, production costs are also compressed, and quality will naturally be greatly reduced. This is also a cause of market chaos.

Therefore, when consumers buy LED lamps, they should not just focus on the price, they should pay more attention to the overall cost performance, and while ensuring the quality, they should look for products with relatively lower prices. Overcapacity and undercapacity coexist. With social development and people's awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, LED lights are now more and more widely used and have begun to penetrate into all areas of people's production and life. In addition, since October 2014, my country has ordered a clear ban on the sale and import of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 60 watts and above, and the development prospect of LED is very broad. 

  But from the market situation in the past years, LED companies have actually been "deeply in the quagmire". Although the LED lighting industry has a vast room for growth, there has been a phenomenon of "low-end overcapacity and high-end undercapacity". Low-end products are not only technically substandard, and environmental protection concepts are even more difficult to talk about. However, most of the research on high-end production technology is abroad, and there are many thresholds for patent applications in China, which caused a "fake phenomenon" that LED development stagnated for a while.