Waterproof and dustproof lamp installation method

Update:29 Sep 2019

First, waterproof and dustproof lamp installation metho […]

First, waterproof and dustproof lamp installation method

1. LED waterproof soft light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board. Their general models are probably 5330, 5050, 3528 and so on.

2. The four-wire LED waterproof light has a bandwidth of about 22mm, a thickness of about 8mm, and a weight of about 0.25kg/m (4m-kilogram).

3, four-line LED waterproof light with a total of four wires, three rows of lights (note that not four rows of lights), each row of 24 meters, 24 * 3 = 72. Since the power of each lamp bead is 0.05W, the power of the 72-bead LED lamp strip is: 72*0.05=3.6W.

4. When the LED light strip device is installed, it is usually placed in the light trough, and it can be straightened. It can also be fixed with a string or a thin wire. If you need external or vertical installation, you need to buy a clip and a tail plug. The original clip is fully illuminating. It is best to put a waterproof glass glue on the tail plug and the plug after the installation, so that the waterproof function is better.

Second, waterproof and dustproof lamp installation attention method

1. The waterproof light strip must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer); when connecting, it is necessary to remove the clear plastic cover, and then cover the test light. Do not directly connect with the cover, so easy to short circuit!

2, there is a "hinged" mark per meter, can only be cut in the mark, the wrong or cut will lead to one meter is not bright! Some will be biased because of the mark, it is best to look carefully before cutting The position of the sign can be cut according to the local connection that is not connected in the center. You can see it with care.