What are the functions of the lamps?

Update:16 Dec 2020

What are the functions of the lamps? The basic function […]

What are the functions of the lamps? The basic function of the lamp is to provide electrical connection with the light source, in addition to many other important functions.

Most light sources emit light in all directions, which is wasteful for most applications and causes glare. Therefore, for most lamps, adjusting the light to the expected position while reducing the loss to a lower level, reducing the glare of the light source, having a satisfactory shape and enhancing the decoration of the lit and unlit environment are one of them. Features.

What are the functions of the lamps? The luminaire must be durable and capable of being a light source, if necessary, and sometimes providing an electrically, mechanically and thermally safe enclosure for controlling electrical accessories.

Protection of the light source: In addition to the electrical connection, the light source must be mechanically supported and protected. The degree of protection depends on the requirements. What are the functions of the lamps?

Appropriate mechanical properties: The lighting components must have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure proper durability during installation and use, and at the same time sufficient suspension strength, and metal components must have sufficient corrosion resistance.

Shell requirements: outdoor lamps must have strict dust-proof and waterproof requirements, and indoor lamps with special requirements must also be protected to resist the intrusion of water and dust. In order to divide the protection level of the enclosure according to the degree of dust and moisture protection, the protection level is used.