What parameters should be paid attention to when choosing LED lights?

Update:20 Jan 2021

  So how do users choose good lights when purchasi […]


So how do users choose good lights when purchasing? How to choose LED lights suitable for industrial lighting? Traditional lamps and LED lamps are quite different in performance, especially LED lamps used in industrial lighting.

Let's briefly explain the parameters of LED lights for industrial lighting!

1. Brightness
To put it bluntly, the lighting means illuminate! Brightness is the most important point. Brightness is the most concerned topic when users choose LED lights. Brightness is explained by two aspects:

Luminous flux φ: the total amount of light emitted by the luminous body per second. Unit: Lumens (Lm), which indicates how much the luminous body emits light. The more luminous the light, the greater the lumens.

Luminance L: The luminous flux per unit solid angle per unit area of ​​the luminous body in a specific direction. Unit: Nit (cd/㎡).

Users can judge the brightness of LED lights according to the luminous flux, usually LED lights are marked with luminous flux. The higher the luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

2. Wavelength
It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrophotometers to produce products with pure colors. Remember, LEDs with the same wavelength have the same color.

3. Color temperature
Users can choose the appropriate color temperature according to the lighting application environment and the needs of homework staff.
The color temperature is the unit of measurement to identify the color of the light, expressed by the K value. White light is “above 5300k”, yellow light is “below 3300k”, and there is another intermediate color “4000k-5000k”.

4. Leakage current
LEDs with large leakage current have short lifespan. Leakage: LED is a unidirectional conductive luminous body, if there is a reverse current.

5. Antistatic ability
LEDs with strong antistatic ability have a long life and are therefore expensive. Many counterfeit and inferior products on the market do not do well in this item. This is also the fundamental reason for the expected life span of many years and greatly shortened.