What are the classifications of LED lights

Update:30 Jul 2020

   Consult the manufacturer for the price of LED l […]


 Consult the manufacturer for the price of LED light strips. Briefly describe the specific classification of LED light strips

  1. From the degree of softness and hardness of the LED strip, including the flexible LED strip light and the hard LED strip;

  2. From the LED specifications of LED strips, the common ones are 5050LED strips, 3528LED strips, 0603LED strips, 3020LED strips (all above are SMD LED strips); there is another kind of LED strips.

   3. According to the length of the LED light strip, the common ones are 5 meters, 1 meter to tens of centimeters. The length of the LED light strip can generally be freely detached.

   4. From the purpose of LED light strips, there are LED light strips for car decorations, LED light strips for decoration of entertainment places such as hotel KTV bars. Among them, the length of a single strip of car decoration LED lights is generally shorter.

   There are many uses for LED light strips, the most common of which is to be used as LED decorative lights, such as car bottom decoration, hotel KTV bar decoration, home decoration and so on.