What are the types of led strips?

Update:06 Aug 2020

Common types of led lights Talking about the commonly u […]

Common types of led lights

Talking about the commonly used types of led light strips

The commonly used LED strips are 3528 and 5050 strips (3528 refers to the size of the LED light source, which is 32mm long and 28mm wide, and 5050 refers to the length and width of the LED light source is 50mm). The difference between the two is the size. Different, on the other hand, there are 3 LED chips in 5050 lamp beads, while there is only one LED chip in 3528. Therefore, under the same number of lamp beads, the brightness of 5050 LED lamp strip is 3 times that of 3528 LED strip, and the power is also 3 Times, the price is also more expensive.

   Regarding power consumption, this involves the issue of electricity bills. Many users are very concerned about this issue. The rated power of 3528 lamp beads is 0.06W (0.02A*3V=0.06W), and the rated power of 5050 is 0.18W (0.02A*3V*3=0.18W), because the circuit will add a protection resistor, so it is calculated Next, at 60 lights/meter, the power consumption of a 3528 light strip per meter is about 4W, and a 5050 light strip per meter is about 12W. If it is installed tens of meters, the power consumption gap is still very large. However, the light strips are mainly used to light up the light troughs. Most of them have decorative features. Therefore, considering factors such as power consumption and price, the LED light strips with 3528 60 lights per meter are most used.