Energy-saving lamp shape specifications

Update:14 Oct 2020

Nowadays when we pay attention to environmental protect […]

Nowadays when we pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving, energy-saving lamps are more and more widely used, and their appearance specifications are constantly changing. Next, please follow the energy-saving lamp manufacturers to approach the appearance specifications of energy-saving lamps.

The more common energy-saving lamps are U-tube energy saving, etc. The tube types are 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 8U, etc. The manufacturer has briefly introduced you in the previous article. In addition to U-tube energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamp manufacturers also produce very commonly used spiral tube energy-saving lamps. Its appearance is spiral. The number of spiral rings is 2T, 2.5T, 3T, 4T, 4.5T, 5T, etc. Kind, the power varies from 3W to 240W. Among them, T represents the diameter of the tube, and 1T is approximately equal to 1/8 inch.

The stent energy-saving lamps are also produced by energy-saving lamp manufacturers, which are commonly used in daily life. There are two types of energy-saving lamps, T4 and T5 straight tube type energy-saving lamps. The power is 8W, 14W, 21W, 28W. It can be seen in industrial, commercial and civil use. It can directly replace T8 straight tube type. Fluorescent lamp products. The lotus energy-saving lamp is also one of the energy-saving lamp products with beautiful appearance and strong practicability.

Energy-saving lamp manufacturers explain the steps to purchase energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps are lighting appliances that are more energy-efficient and brighter than ordinary light bulbs. With the promotion of the country, they have entered thousands of households. Do you know how to choose energy-saving lamps? Energy-saving lamp manufacturers will explain to you the steps to purchase energy-saving lamps.

To buy energy-saving lamps, you must first check the national inspection report. Although energy-saving lamps have good energy-saving effects, inferior energy-saving lamps have greater safety risks. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose lamps with national-level inspection reports produced by regular energy-saving lamp manufacturers. .

Then check the outer packaging of the energy-saving lamp. The energy-saving lamp produced by a regular energy-saving lamp manufacturer is packaged with the product's trademark, marking power, and marking content. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe it. The mark on the outer packaging is still clear to be a qualified lamp.

Then check the service life. Experiments show that the service life of qualified energy-saving lamps should reach more than 500 hours, and normal use needs to reach more than 200 hours. Energy-saving lamps that do not meet this standard cannot be purchased.