It is important to choose the right LED landscape light

Update:15 Nov 2019

  The LED landscape light is a very low power cons […]


The LED landscape light is a very low power consumption of the DC drive. Compared with the traditional light source, the LED landscape light is closer to the point light source, and is single-phase light, convenient for light distribution, and high in light utilization efficiency. When selecting the LED landscape light, you need to pay attention to its classification. Generally speaking, the LED landscape light has a built-in constant current source and no constant current source. In the lamp without the constant current source, it is divided into three strings and three. More than string.

Be sure to choose the most suitable landscape light according to your needs. You can't just choose one because it's energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so the cost of replacement is higher after it is not suitable. In addition, the LED landscape lights used in the scenic spots should pay attention to the fact that the scenic areas are very wide, and the handling personnel are not as many as the urban areas. If the street lights themselves are in danger of leakage or fire, it will definitely be a tourist tour. It will form a potential threat, and attention should be paid to the use of outdoor LED landscape lights.

However, the LED landscape lights are more suitable in the scenic area, basically will not affect the safety of tourists, and will not cause greater losses to the scenic spots. Choosing the right garden landscape lights is very important, and their future development will become better and better, after all, the use of more and more people.