LED white light technology principle and trend

Update:19 Nov 2020

The continuous improvement of production technology has […]

The continuous improvement of production technology has enabled the development of electric light source lighting technology by leaps and bounds. LED light sources are setting off a new trend in the development of electric light sources in the history of the lighting industry. This also greatly promotes the prosperity and development of lighting manufacturers.

The LED light source fundamentally changes the light-emitting mechanism of the light source. While improving the quality and effectiveness of the lighting, it can also improve the environment and save energy, with high economic benefits. At present, white LED light sources are slowly swallowing the traditional light source market in various fields. Its application fields mainly include: local low-illuminance lighting, LCD backlight, traffic lighting, indoor lighting and special lighting.

Warm and cold tones of home lighting

In recent years, lamps and lanterns have received more and more attention. With the continuous innovation and development of lamp manufacturers, the types of lamps are also emerging in an endless stream, especially in home lighting, lamps and lanterns play a major role.

Home colors can be divided into cold and warm, and home lighting can also be divided into cold and warm. To create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the home, the lighting should follow the principle of giving priority to warm colors and supplementing cool colors. As long as the warm light source and the cold light source are properly matched, in addition to satisfying indoor lighting, the home can be filled with a harmonious, peaceful, warm and even romantic atmosphere. Some people prefer cool colors and use too much cold light sources in their homes to form a serious and austere style. I believe not many people like this kind of atmosphere at home.