What are the advantages of led fluorescent lamps?

Update:11 Nov 2020

As a more common LED lamp, LED fluorescent lamp is grad […]

As a more common LED lamp, LED fluorescent lamp is gradually coming into people's sight. Compared with traditional fluorescent lamp, what are the advantages of LED fluorescent lamp? Below we mainly explain the advantages of LED fluorescent lamps one by one in terms of brightness and life.

Advantage one of led fluorescent lamp: high brightness

At present, mainstream LED fluorescent lighting is basically above 100lm, and some high-quality LED fluorescent lighting is as high as 120-130lm/W (the company must sell it for lighting), even the lower-grade junk on the lighting market is 60lm/W The above is also much higher than that of ordinary fluorescent lamps (the effective light efficiency of ordinary fluorescent lamps is about 35lm/W after taking into account the reflection efficiency of the lamps and the loss of inductance, etc.) and T5 tri-color fluorescent lamps (the average luminous efficiency of T5 fluorescent lamps is Around 45lm/W). Therefore, even if you don’t know much about lamps and can’t distinguish the quality of LED fluorescent lamps, even if you accidentally buy poor LED fluorescent lamps, it is more cost-effective than buying ordinary fluorescent lamps and T5 tri-color fluorescent lamps, and the electricity savings can be offset quickly. The cost of buying a lamp. It is wise to replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamps and T5 three-primary fluorescent lamps immediately. Even if it is an 8-hour office application, the more electricity saved in half a year can fully recover the cost of replacing the lamps.

The second advantage of led fluorescent lamp: up to 50%-90% energy saving rate, greatly saving electricity expenses

Taking the currently widely used ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp (the actual power plus the loss of the inductive ballast and the voltage fluctuation are usually between 42W-46W) as an example, under the premise of meeting the original illuminance, the ordinary 18W LED fluorescent lamp on the market is It can replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamp, and the high-brightness LED fluorescent lamp only needs 10-12W to meet the original illumination requirements (our company must be sold for lighting), and the power saving rate can reach about 70%-80%, at least 50% The above means that at least half of the electricity can be saved.

The smart sensor LED fluorescent lamp, which is commonly used in underground garages, is intelligently controlled according to the principle that people go dark and people come to light. It can easily achieve a power saving rate of 90%. When people come, the brightness can be easily It can be more than 50% brighter than the original ordinary fluorescent lamp, and it can meet the brightness requirements of monitoring when people are walking slightly bright. The energy saving rate of up to 90%, the payback period of less than 6 months, prompted many property managers to immediately implement energy-saving renovations.

Three advantages of led fluorescent lamp: long life

As a more common LED lamp, compared with many other LED lamps, LED fluorescent lamps have many inherent advantages that make LED fluorescent lamps have a long life.

Usually the LED lamp beads of the LED fluorescent lamp are affixed to the long aluminum substrate, and the area of ​​the aluminum substrate spread flat on each lamp bead is larger, and then a heat-dissipating aluminum kit is connected at the back, if it can be better controlled Heat dissipation technology, LED lamp bead pin temperature can be controlled within 50 degrees, chip temperature within 80 degrees, this temperature is far lower than common LED bulbs, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights and LED street lights and other LEDs Lamps are also far below the dangerous temperature of 110 degrees, which can cause high light decay or dead lights. (All plastic pipes or glass pipes are not listed here because of their low thermal conductivity, poor heat dissipation performance and relatively short lifespan).

If the LED driver is equipped with a long-life electrolytic capacitor, and the redundancy value is appropriately increased, the driver can easily reach the service life of tens of thousands of hours. The more significant advantages of the LED fluorescent lamp and the long life can be guaranteed.