Lighting protection eyesight is a hard indicator

Update:23 Sep 2020

Long-term use of footlights is one of the factors leadi […]

Long-term use of footlights is one of the factors leading to the high rate of myopia among young people in my country. Whether you choose "eye-protection lamps" or daily lighting fixtures, you should choose products with lower stroboscopic fluctuation depth on the basis of "3C" certification. When purchasing eye-protection lamps, you can ask the lighting manufacturer to provide luminaire stroboscopic fluctuations In-depth data.

According to doctors, students often become false myopia due to the use of unqualified lighting fixtures. Most of the students have the habit of turning on the eye protection light to study at night. At this time, only the close-up books are illuminated in the students' field of vision. The surrounding environment is completely dark, the visual system loses the reference of "telescope", and the eyes are adjusted. The system will always be in a tight and compressed state of "look close". At this time, the only lighting used by the students is very important. Good quality eye protection lights are soft, with yellowish white and no flicker, and are not easy to cause eye fatigue.

The unqualified light is too strong, which is easy to cause eye fatigue, and can easily cause "optical myopia" through accumulation. At the same time, strong illumination can cause light retention on the human retina, especially after learning. Sleeping will tighten the eye muscles, affect the effect of alleviating eye fatigue, and accelerate the decline of vision.