What should I pay attention to when purchasing eye protection lamps?

Update:16 Sep 2020

Eye protection lights need to have triple protection Ey […]

Eye protection lights need to have triple protection

Eye protection lamp is a kind of lighting lamp developed by modern high technology. In major supermarkets and lighting manufacturers, there are many brands of products. The distinguishing features of the health eye protection lamp from the general lighting lamp are:

The first is the use of an electronic rectifier that can reduce stroboscopic light, which can convert the lighting AC signal into a high-frequency signal with stable amplitude, so when it is used, people’s eyes cannot feel the light stroboscopic

Secondly, the use of three primary color tubes with good color rendering, compared with ordinary lighting lamps, the eye protection light color is soft, which can simulate the color of the sun at 10 o'clock in the morning, the light is soft and uniform, which is very helpful to reduce visual fatigue ;

Third, the lampshade of the eye protection lamp can protect the eyes from direct exposure to light and avoid glare. Therefore, consumers are reminded to be cautious when purchasing eye protection lamps.