Problems requiring panel lights

Update:18 Jun 2020

At this stage, as the technology of panel lights become […]

At this stage, as the technology of panel lights becomes more and more mature, the suppliers of panel light accessories are becoming more and more active, causing manufacturers of panel lights to emerge like volcanic eruptions.

   But there are some details, if there is no time to settle, it cannot be solved.

   We listed the following questions:

   1. Bright edge

Many people buy panel lights and find that the brightness near the surrounding frame is much brighter than other places, thinking that the side light is the same, but it is not true, as long as the light guide plate is used well enough, the technology is mature enough, the bright edge problem is easy to solve of.

   2. Highlights

Many panel lights bought by people show very small highlights. Others will tell you that this is normal. In fact, this is caused by carelessness and dust falling during the assembly process. This is a quality problem in Dongchuangjia. And must be repaired.

   3. Dark spots

  Is it normal to have dark spots on the panel lights?

   Obviously not, this is caused by defects in the light guide plate. Must be returned for repair.

   4. Water ripple

   Click a lot of panel lights and find that there are black water ripples spreading out. This is obviously caused by immature technology. Or choose a professional manufacturer like Dongchuangjia.

   5. Ripple

  Did you find that the fluorescent tube will flash in the video camera and digital camera, and the TV will also flash.