LED panel light

Update:11 Jun 2020

  LED emergency panel light manufacturers explain […]


LED emergency panel light manufacturers explain LED flat panel lights

The advantages of LED panel lights are particularly outstanding. It has a significant energy saving effect, and the power consumption is only 35% of the general light source. LED panel lights start without delay, no starter is required, and normal brightness is reached when powered on, and the operating voltage is also very wide and low. DC voltage operation can ensure safe operation.

The LED panel lamp has no strobe, and the DC voltage works, eliminating the problem of strobe caused by the AC drive of the traditional lamps; the LED panel lamp has good anti-vibration performance, without filament, glass lampshade, etc., which effectively avoids the fragile use of traditional light sources Problem; LED panel lights have a long life span, 10 times that of ordinary light sources, and are maintenance-free.

LED panel lights have superior performance, so more and more consumers are willing to choose them as long-term lighting fixtures at home, but how can they buy LED panel lights with higher cost performance? The following Yimei Electronics will reveal for everyone.