What about LED panel lights

Update:05 Jun 2020

  I believe that many consumers' homes can now fin […]


I believe that many consumers' homes can now find the information of LED panel lights. It can be used as a room lighting and can also be a good helper for background wall decoration. Not only that, in the lighting of office premises and some large supermarkets, LED panel lights also play an important role.

For LED panel lights, some friends can definitely recognize at a glance, but what if I say LED panel light information? There must be very few that can be said. The following will explain the relevant content of the type of LED panel light information for everyone, I hope you have a deeper understanding of this environmentally friendly lighting product.

  LED panel lights have a wide variety of information, but they can be basically divided into three categories:

LED panel light information one, LED panel lights made of 3528 or 5050 SMD mid-power LEDs, the power supply also generally uses RC step-down circuits, and some LED panel light manufacturers use constant current circuits, compared with straw hat LEDs. The heat dissipation of the SMD LED is slightly better. There is a thermally conductive substrate. With the aluminum substrate, part of the heat can be exported.

  Release information about an LED panel light. Due to the neglected heat of LEDs, many mid-power SMD LED panel lights do not have a heat sink. They still use plastic housings, and the light decay is still serious. Adopt resistance-capacitance step-down low-end power supply. Due to the unstable voltage of the power grid, the current fluctuates and the brightness fluctuates.

LED panel light information two, LED panel lights made of high-power SMD LEDs, the power supply generally uses a constant current isolation circuit, that is, there is a constant current, such as 5W LED, usually 5 pieces of 1 watt LED chips, connected in series It adopts a constant current 300mA current source for power supply and a wide voltage power supply. When the power grid fluctuates, the current does not change, and the luminous flux, that is, the brightness remains constant. The 5 SMD LEDs are welded on the aluminum substrate, and the aluminum substrate is combined with the radiator. The heat can be dissipated in time and quickly to ensure that the temperature of the LED chip is lower than the allowable junction temperature of the LED, thereby ensuring the true and effective life of the LED panel light. This type of LED panel light has high price and good quality, which is also the development direction of LED panel light.