The purchase of LED bulb lights mainly focuses on the following points

Update:31 Dec 2020

  LED bulb lamp power and common sense of purchase […]


LED bulb lamp power and common sense of purchase, buy LED bulb lamp is worth seeing!

1. Whether the interface is a bayonet or screw, the domestic bayonet is usually B22, and the screw is E27. E14 screw is also used in some crystal lamps;

2. The power of LED bulb lamp is usually 3W (can replace 20W incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp 6-10W energy-saving lamp), 5W (can replace incandescent lamp 40W, energy-saving lamp 10-15W energy-saving lamp), 7W (can replace incandescent lamp 100W , Energy-saving lamps 13-20W energy-saving lamps), 8W (can replace incandescent lamps 60W-100W, energy-saving lamps 16-22W energy-saving lamps), 9W (can replace incandescent lamps 80W-120W, energy-saving lamps 18-26W energy-saving lamps), 10W ( Can replace incandescent lamp 100W-150W, energy-saving lamp 18-25W energy-saving lamp), 12W (can replace incandescent lamp 120W-200W, energy-saving lamp 20-30W energy-saving lamp), there are also higher power 15W, 18W or 20W (directly replace 250W The above incandescent lamps and 35W-40W energy-saving lamps), but used less;

3. The key indicators of the quality of a constant LED bulb:

A. The total number of lumens (lm) or the number of lumens (lm) per W is determined by the quality of the lamp beads and the driving efficiency, that is, how much luminous flux the lamp can provide after it is lit. At present, cheap lamps on Taobao are usually not marked Or false standard, the mainstream brand is usually 60-80lm/W, and the better quality can reach about 100-110lm (you can go to the Taobao store for lighting to buy or contact the online consultant directly);

B. Is the chip constant current drive (better), current diode drive (second), RC step-down drive (again), or rectified resistor current limiting drive (poorer and cheaper), leading the next three LED balls After the bulb lights up, use the mobile phone to take pictures or video mode, and see if there are obvious stripes on the mobile phone screen to easily identify;

C. Whether the heat dissipation is good. At present, the LED bulb shell uses an aluminum shell (the heat dissipation is good, but if you use a non-isolated drive power shell, it may be charged and there is a danger of electric shock. If you use an isolated drive, the drive efficiency is too low), The mainstream plastic-clad aluminum (non-isolated power supply can be used, the shell is made of insulating and thermally conductive plastic, taking into account efficiency, heat conduction and insulation) or all plastic. The mainstream quality of the lamp bead substrate is better, and the aluminum substrate is used. Poor), the simple way to judge is to light on for two to three hours, a short period of ten minutes, and the temperature of the shell.

For the third item above, simply summarize: it looks bright or not, if it is hot to the touch, does not flash when taking pictures.