What are the main applications of lamps?

Update:06 Jan 2021

Deep-illuminated lamps and ultra-deep-illuminated lamps […]

Deep-illuminated lamps and ultra-deep-illuminated lamps, due to their concentrated light, are suitable for tall factories or places requiring high illumination for work. This lamp is equipped with a mirror reflector, and uses a large regular high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, and high pressure mercury lamp as the light source, which can control the light in a narrow range and obtain a high axis light intensity. The horizontal illuminance is high and the shadow is very thick.

Quartz lamp is also called spotlight, it is a kind of light spotlight lamp, mainly used for accent lighting, so most of it is narrow beam light distribution, and can rotate freely, choose the direction at will, the spotlight is installed in the guide rail with the built-in power cord , The lamp can slide along the track, the flexibility is greater, and it is very suitable for the display lighting of shops and exhibition halls.

Downlights are generally recessed lamps. The lamps are embedded in the ceiling. This installation will not break the decorative effect of the ceiling. Moreover, it has a good downward light distribution, can form a variety of light distributions, and has a very A good anti-glare effect can create a quiet and elegant environment. What are the main applications of lamps? Generally used in restaurants, hotels, family living rooms, etc.

What are the main applications of lamps? Fluorescent lamp bracket is a uniform light distribution type direct lighting fixture, which can produce uniform lighting effect and is not easy to produce shadows. Fluorescent lamp bracket has an open type, high fluorescent lighting efficiency, but glare, which is not good for protecting eyesight.

The luminous efficiency of the lamps with prismatic cover has decreased, but there is almost no glare. Fluorescent lighting has high efficiency, so it is widely used for general lighting in shops, libraries, schools, office buildings, banks, etc. If fluorescent tubes are formed into certain geometric patterns (such as squares, rhombuses, regular triangles, regular pentagons, etc.) ) Installed in the lobby (business hall, waiting hall, etc.), it will produce good artistic lighting effects.

The grid lamp panel is also a kind of fluorescent lamp. The difference from the fluorescent lamp bracket is that it uses a high-efficiency reflector to control the light within a certain range, which improves the utilization rate of light. At the same time, a shading grid is set to shield the light source and reduce For the direct glare of lamps, the grille lamp has two installation methods: recessed and ceiling mounted. It is mainly used for general lighting in offices, libraries, shops, etc.